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Autism Spectrum

A parents perspective

Any Mum or Dad, if they were being honest with themselves, would admit that at times being a parent can be hard work. If you ask the parents of an autistic child, they would definitely tell you that parenting was hard, sometimes impossible work. An autistic parent of autistic children - well that's just a recipe for disaster! In fact, its one of the most challenging things I have ever done but, the hardest things in life bring the greatest rewards.

Every day I am learning how to approach certain situations and adapting to the very different needs of my two wonderfully diverse autistic children - Marvel A and Marvel H. So often I get it wrong and so often I am wracked with the guilt of my actions, caused by the clash of my own neuro-diverse perspectives and their pure, innocent autistic childhood, as they grow and learn more each and every day about who they are and how they fit into the world around them.

ASD Marvels is primarily my way to show them both just how amazing they are as they grow through their major childhood and teenage milestones, documenting the things that make them truly marvelous and demonstrating to them just how much love I feel for them. 

But my hope is that ASD Marvels becomes so much more than this. I hope it becomes a celebration of everything that is marvelous about what it is to be autistic, by encouraging others to share the joy and happiness of their own Marvels. I hope it becomes a place for others to learn how to embrace parenting our Marvels and to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others along the way.

To find out where it began for me I welcome you to read my first blog 'An open letter to my children'.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time sharing the marvel with me.




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